Wings: Time Out of War (1977)

S01E07 - July 1915: Following his accident, Alan has to spend three weeks acting as Charles Gaylion's observer. His friendship with Gaylion causes unrest among the NCOs because of the difference in their rank, and becomes a concern for Triggers. TVTime.


The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring (1966)

S05E05 - Lucy tries on an expensive ring Mr. Mooney had made for his wife, it looks like the bank manager won't be able to give his spouse the anniversary present - it gets stuck on Lucy's finger. IMDb.


The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Flying Courier (1977)

S01E09 - Frank thinks he sees a girl whom he knew years ago who went missing, whose parents hired his father to locate but couldn't. When he tries to talk to her she claims that she is someone else. So he and Joe try to follow her but someone tries to kill them so they think she's mixed up in something. IMDb.