Sherlock Holmes: The Case of Lady Beryl (1954)

S01E02 - Lady Beryl confesses to a murder that was committed at her home, but Sherlock Holmes is convinced that she is innocent. IMDb.


The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Submarine (1966)

S05E02 - Mr. Mooney leaves the office for two weeks of training in the Naval Reserve, but forgets to sign some important papers. IMDb.


Ozzie and Harriet: Ozzie Plans a Surprise (1959)

S07E36 - After learning from his two sons that he talks in his sleep, Ozzie worries he'll reveal Harriet's upcoming birthday surprise. He takes unusual measures to prevent this from happening. IMDb.


Daniel Boone: Tekawitha McLeod (1964)

S01E02 - A dance at Fort Boonesborough is interrupted by Flathead Joseph, a halfbreed slave trader. He has a young Indian girl with him whom he claims is a Cherokee Princess...and a white girl. IMDb.


Wings: Never Turn Back (1977)

S01E02 - April 1915: Alan Farmer's training is well-advanced, and he shares accommodation with Sergeant MacIver, who already has experience of service with the RFC in France. TV Time.