Wings: Over the Top (1977)

S01E06 - June 1915: With hot weather and a break in the bombardment, Alan goes swimming and Morgan experiments with fitting bombs with parachutes. The RFC are summoned to assist in a new initiative, and Gaylion gets a taste of the horrors of life in the trenches when his plane is forced down and he must wait overnight for the arrival of a replacement propellor. TVTime.


The Lucy Show: Lucy the Fight Manager (1967)

S05E20 - Lucy encourages a washed-up boxer to come out of retirement for one match to earn enough money to open a flower shop. IMDb.


The Hardy Boys: A Haunting We Will Go (1977)

S01E08 - Nancy revives a play in a theater that is supposed to be haunted. Actors from the original cast return to do the play. They seem to have intentions rather than the play, which makes Nancy suspicious and determined to discover the secret of the phantom. IMDb.


Flash Gordon: Escape into Time (1954)

S01E02 - Flash and Zarkov come to the rescue when a criminal with a time machine kidnaps Dale. IMDb.